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Florida Tax Collectors are busy at work in their local communities and in Tallahassee with our state government to protect and provide access to state services. Learn about our latest news here or visit our Twitter page for the most up-to-date information.

  • Florida Tax Collector Association Applauds the Florida Legislature for Protecting Florida’s Citizens by Passing House Bill 185 March 15, 2018 News - The Florida House and Senate showed strong bipartisan support of Tax Collectors with the passage of HB185. In fact, there was not a nay vote on this legislation at any point during the 2018 Legislative Session! The Florida Tax Collectors Association (“FTCA”) was honored to have two bright, hard-working, energetic and incredibly effective sponsors. Representative Mariano showed an eagerness to READ MORE
  • The Use of Cross Training as an Adaptive Tool to Improve Office Efficiency, Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction February 22, 2018 News - There is no denying the increasing role technology, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) play in business. Several commentators place emphasis on the role automation and technology will have on jobs and the workplace. Automation, robotics and AI are advancing quickly and causing dramatic changes in the nature and number of jobs available (Brown, et al., 2017). There are constant organizational READ MORE
  • Florida Tax Collectors Association Highlights Black History Month with a Focus on Three Trailblazers February 16, 2018 News - Florida has a long history of African American public officials serving as Tax Collectors.  There were at least 25 African American Tax Collectors serving in Florida during the Reconstruction period in the late 1800s. [1]  Homer Bryan and David Montgomery both began serving as Tax Collector in 1868.[2]  Mr. Bryan served in Jackson County and Mr. Montgomery served in Madison READ MORE
  • Future 15: Tax Collectors Merge Brick-and-Mortar and E-Commerce to Better Serve Florida’s Citizens January 26, 2018 News - As e-commerce transactions continue to trend upward with the likes of Amazon continuing to grab more market share, businesses like Walmart that were once strictly brick-and-mortar operations have found ways to adapt.  Walmart has purchased and offers a variety of not only e-commerce services but also hybrid services where customers can purchase products online and pick them up at READ MORE
  • Future 15: Change and Harnessing Technology January 12, 2018 News - To stay on the cutting edge of customer service, technology, innovation and to remain adaptive to emerging trends, the Florida Tax Collectors Association consulted with a near futurist to help identify relevant trends so that Tax Collectors could anticipate these potential changes and adopt strategies to better serve the citizens of Florida.  The by-product of that effort is available here READ MORE
  • Small Gestures with a Big Impact: Tax Collector Offices Giving Back to Their Local Communities December 22, 2017 News - We all have been to the Tax Collector’s office for the many vital government services (DL, CW license, property taxes, hunting and fishing licenses, making application to vote, etc) we receive there.  But this is not a story about that.  Rather, this is a note of appreciation for Tax Collectors and Tax Collector staff across the state who give back READ MORE
  • Florida Tax Collectors’ Kids Tag Art Program Expects to Hit $1 Million in Classroom Support In 2018! December 15, 2017 News -     Support Your Elementary School – Buy a Kid Tag Today! Statewide Program Expects to Hit $1 Million in Classroom Support In 2018 -- “For thousands of fifth graders across the county, today is the day they have been awaiting!  Today, Kids Tag Art announces the top two tag art designs from each participating school, earning the Award of Distinction READ MORE
  • Future 15: Blockchain December 8, 2017 News - This edition of Future 15 focuses on the topic of Blockchain. Since this topic has generated quite a bit of interest, we wanted to share a few recent articles on Blockchain. Here is another article regarding Blockchain being used for tax collections in China.  This is  yet another great example of the broad uses possible for the technology.  For more READ MORE
  • A Response to Finlay Article: “Government Office vs. Private Tag Agency” November 2, 2017 News - By:  Sharon W. Jordan, President Florida Tax Collectors Association In an article recently published by Independent Dealer in August of 2017, Jennifer Finlay, a sales manager for a private tag agency, wrote a scathing critique of government service provision and urged Florida’s car dealers to avoid Tax Collector offices and use private tag agencies instead. In a self-serving manner and READ MORE
  • Florida Tax Collectors Provide Local Support and Access During Wake of Hurricane Irma September 14, 2017 News - Tallahassee, FL – Tax Collector’s Offices around the state are quickly coming back online after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma. Florida Tax Collectors Association President, Sharon Jordan, states, “It may take some counties longer than others due to infrastructure damage or power outages, but as services return it’s important to remember, ALL Tax Collectors within the State are here READ MORE