About Us

The Florida Tax Collectors Association is a collaborative network of Florida’s 67 Tax Collectors that work to provide leadership, legislative advocacy, and shared partnership to support the state-constitution officer in each county political subdivision and the families they serve.

Our network continually helps to influence sound public policy on behalf of Floridians, providing a local solution that works the most effectively for each citizen. We hold ourselves to the public office in which we individually serve. We provide transparency, accountability and tirelessly work to keep the public trust – the trust of the neighbors who elected us.

With this in mind, our members focus on customer service. Last year alone, we served more than half of Florida’s 20 million residents with in-person and online solutions.

We carry out various state services at the local level, including:

  • Collection of taxes and assessments (ad valorem taxes, non-ad valorem assessments, and tangible personal property taxes)
  • Registration of motor vehicles, mobile homes and vessels
  • Applications for title for motor vehicles, mobile homes and vessels
  • Issuance of hunting and fishing licenses
  • Issuance of driver licenses
  • Application for concealed weapons licenses
  • Concealed weapons license renewals
  • Issuance of birth certificates
  • Making application to vote


Leadership, Committees, & Staff

Executive Committee

Chuck Perdue

Rick Watson

Bruce Vickers
First Vice President

Linda Myers
Past President

Noelle Branning
Second Vice President

Nancy Millan



Ben Anderson
District 1 Director

Mary Carol Murdock
District 2 Director

Sharon Jordan
District 3 Director

Kyle Keen
District 4 Director

Jim Overton
District 5 Director

David Jordan
District 6 Director

Randy Mask
District 7 Director

Vickie Potts
District 8 Director

Anne Gannon
District 9 Director

Sam Steele
District 10 Director


Liaisons & Committee Chairs

Scott Lunsford
Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Liaisons

W. Dale Summerford
Department of Revenue Liaison

Sharon Jordan
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Liaison

Sally Daniel
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Liaison

Dennis Hollingsworth
Department of Health Liaison

David Jordan
Legislative Committee Chairman

Bruce Vickers
Ken Burton, Jr.
Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs

Nancy Millan
Education Committee Chairwoman

Bruce Vickers
Education Forum Planning Committee Chairman

Noelle Branning
Bylaws Review Committee Chairwoman

Rick Watson
Finance Committee Chairman

Linda Myers
Nominating/Presidential Roundtable Committee Chairwoman


Sylvia R. Talevich
Young Qualls, P.A.
Chief Operating Officer

Timothy R. Qualls
Young Qualls, P.A.

General Counsel and Lobbyist