Honorable Rhonda Skipper Installed as President of the Florida Tax Collectors Association

Tallahassee, Florida – Rhonda Skipper, Tax Collector in and for the Walton County political subdivision, was sworn in as the 76th President of the Florida Tax Collectors, Inc., the state-wide Association of Florida’s Tax Collectors. 

“I am incredibly humbled and honored that you have placed your faith and trust in me as your President this coming year, said Skipper, “I’ve been a part of this Association since 2005 and every year, I learn something new and in being actively involved in various committees as well as in leadership roles, I have come to realize that every member of this Association has a deep passion and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.” 

Ms. Skipper embarked on her one-year term with a message of renewed commitment to  collaboration and unity echoing the Association’s mission of advancing the office of Florida Tax Collectors through professional leadership, shared resources and collaboration, but also of embracing change and being adaptable.  Ms. Skipper said, “change is something we live with every day and, currently, the times we find ourselves in are in continuous flux.  Technology is evolving, the way we approach our method of serving the public is changing, our culture is changing, but change is a part of our business – the purpose of change is to learn and to make processes better.” 

According to John Power, Tax Collector in and for the Alachua County political subdivision and past President of the organization, “Our new President understands the nature of the State Constitution’s office of Tax Collector and our integral role in serving the citizens of Florida.  Rhonda’s unwavering faith and passion will serve her well as President as she leads our Association’s collaborative efforts in finding innovative, efficient means to help Tax Collectors better serve our citizens.”

Contact: Sylvia Talevich, FTCA EOA Services Director – (850)222-7206 – stalevich@yvlaw.net